Cinema Advertising

Cinema Advertising Opportunities

TVC on Big Screens

Focused Impact: capture our audience with high the quality image and sound of the big screen system, and engage with your brand recall, awareness.

Lobby LCD Screen

Frequency: Re-enforce your brand message by repeating your TVC every 15 minutes on the LCD screen system around cinema lobbies and hallways.

Activation Booth

Brand engagement: Add brand experiences to your campaign with a dedicated area to demonstrate your products, engage, and interact with cinema-goers.

Poster Light Box

Increase your brand coverage by displaying your poster in light boxes in cinema lobbies and other high-traffic areas.


Promote your product or service and deliver your brand message by setting up a standee in high-traffic spots in cinema lobbies and hallways.

Other Activities

Including evacuation clips, hall sponsorship, etc. available upon requests.

Why Cinema Advertising

High Purchase Intention

According to Nielsen Research in 2017, 90% movie- goers are aware of the advertising and 39% of them have intention to buy the products.

Targeted Demographics

Targeted brand promotion: 87% of moviegoers are between 18 to 30 years old. Cinema advertising can give your brand and product a huge chance to attract, impress, and engage with potential consumers. In addition, 49% of moviegoers have their family income above 15,000,000 VND per month, which means greater buying power and a strong desire for branded products to increase quality of life

Increase Brand Awareness

Cinema advertising contributes to higher brand recall, message recall and likability of the product, especially when combined with other methods of advertising.

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