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WE Media & The Warmhearted Journey!

“Sharing is caring” - Leaving behind the personal hindrance of day-to-day responsibility, WE Media came together for the first self-hosted charity work.


A simple meal for a hundred smiles, a book for a child’s brighter future, an hour for a joyous lesson. That’s how WE Media’s monthly charity event began.

Situated at 333, Hung Phuoc, Hung Dinh Ward, Thuan An Town, Binh Duong Province, Mother Love Shelter 2 is our first choice. Nestled on narrow alley, the shelter is only place to call “home” for many unfortunate kids for 12 years. Days gone by, the caring affection of the Soeurs for the orphans shines brightly, like an everlasting beacon of love.

Grew up without parents or any relatives tending to, the orphans at Mother Love Shelter were nurtured all by the fostering of the Soeurs. At the shelter, 12 Soeurs are currently looking after for 64 unlucky children and 18 single mothers. The unconditional love of Soeurs – It will always be and never change.

On this special occassion, joining WE Media are friends and other patrons, providing much appreciated support for the Soeurs keep bringing kids up until they’re mature

We gathered around, hosted a warm party, taught English, played games and sang out loud, bringing out the sincerest feeling in ourselves.

Before saying goodbye, we gave lovely presents to the kids, though small but filled our love. And for us, watching all those tiny faces lit up by their smiles is all that we could ever ask for.

As our first charity event came to an end, we went back home hoping to provide further assistance to in-need children everywhere. A problem shared is a problem halved. It’s our motivation to work harder and strive for a better future.



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